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AMC Tech Talk Q&A – Oil Change Intervals – When Should I Really Change My Oil?

“Hi, just curious – if we are using the more expensive synthetic oil isn’t the oil change longer and more mileage allowed?
– Jenny”

Hi Jenny,
Thats a great question!
We recommend oil changes on a 5,000 – 7,500 mile interval, even with synthetic engine oil.This is especially true of vehicles 3 years and older (or over 60,000 miles) as the engine wear tends to allow byproducts of combustion into the oil, in other words, it gets dirty quicker. If you check your engine oil on the dipstick after a few thousand miles, you’ll be surprised how dirty it is.

The Lexus factory service schedule for your year vehicle is every 5,000 miles. That’s our recommendation as well, based on experience, and longevity for the car.

Our goal is always have a trusting, professional relationship with our customers, as such we make recommendations based on our experience and in the best interest of the customer.

We know this works as we have customer vehicles in excess of 300,000 miles on the odometer and still going strong.

We have an expression here at AMC, I learned it a long time from one of my mentors back in Buffalo. “Oil is cheaper than metal”. Which means simply that it is much less costly to change the oil, than to replace worn engine parts.

Here’s a link to a Case Study I wrote about this –

Hope that helps!
You can choose to go with longer internals if you wish, just let your Service Advisor know on the next visit.

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