Case Studies

BMW Oil Level Sensor – False Readings – Malfunction

BMW Tech Note – Oil Level Warning light on, oil level ok. Just saw this again today on a customer’s BMW E60 (530Xi). If you have an Oil Level Warning light on, and the the engine oil level is correct, it’s likely a fault with the level monitoring system. If the level is correct, do NOT add additional oil, this can damage the engine, an over-full engine oil level is just bad as an under-full one.

We have a simple protocol to diagnose this with BMW ISTA computer, and then once confirmed, and have the parts in stock to take care of the problem right away. Note that this problem particularly common in colder climates like New England, and for vehicles which experience short trips, and stop and stop operation.

At times, an update of the BMW Closed Crankcase Ventilation (CCV) System is also be needed to assure that this problem does not repeat. Our nearly 3 decades of experience with BMW allows us to insure that your BMW is fixed correctly, the first time, every time, and backed with a 2 Year Nationwide Warranty.

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