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BMW Service – Taillight Wiring Electrical Problem

BMW E60 (528Xi) – The car presented with an intermittent turn signal and brake light, warnings being received on the dash mounted iDrive system. Examination by our BMW Service techs quickly reveled that the fault was the rear rear circuit board, and wiring harness for the passenger side.

BMW electrical connector, noted melted ground contact pin.
BMW electrical connector, noted melted ground contact pin.

You will note that the ground lead wire and electrical connector have melted into the plastic wiring plug, damaging both the wire, the connector, and the taillight circuit board. BMW has had an issue with this on the E60, and on other BMW models, and has developed an improved wiring harness and circuit board to correct the fault.

In this case the repair consisted of cutting off the damaged connector and plastic plug, and preparing the wires to accept new connectors. These new connectors were then installed into the new plastic plug. The circuitboard for the taillight was replaced with an updated part, and all of the light bulbs changed at the same time.

We know from experience of common faults like this, which also allow us to diagnose them rapidly, and repair them correctly, the first time. Our philosophy when carrying out service on a BMW, or any other make, be it Audi, Mercedes, Saab, Volvo, VW, or Lexus, our technicians always consult numerous information sources to look for what are termed pattern failures, and also manufacturer’s technical service bulletins (TSBs). Our diagnostic suite is fully equipped with the state of the art tooling and computers to service even the newest autos.

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