Case Studies

BMW X3 Sunroof Replacement

Just another day at the Atlantic Motorcar Center Planet Of Fun.

Being serviced under the delicate ministrations of our Senior Service Technician Shaun.
Lesson here, don’t let your family member push up on the sunshade.
Interior and headliner out of car, 10 hours later, new sunroof installed.

Yes, BMW does build and ship in the wooden “coffin case”.

Problems with your BMW, or your BMW Panoramic Sunroof, we’re the experts, and know these like the back of our hands, and feet, and…
Anyway, you get the message, done right, the first time, warrantied for 2 Years Nationwide, exceptional service for exceptional cars!

Just give us a call, and prepare to be delighted – (207) 882-9969

– Bruce and the AMC Service Team


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