Case Studies

Land Rover Discovery II – Ignition Lock Problems, And The Correct Solution

The Problem
This Land Rover client presented us with a beautiful 2004 Discovery with an intermittent starting problem. We love Rovers, both old and new, and we also enjoy a good challenge!

On inspection, our Land Rover technician verified that the issue, and carried out a visual assessment. Then using the diagnostic computer we checked and scanned for codes, none were found, but did verify that the lock cylinder for the ignition had an excessive amount of wear.

The Proper Repair
The only true and permanent repair is to replace the ignition lock cylinder assembly with the housing, matching it to the client’s key sets, so the car does not have two different sets of keys. The challenge arises that the part seems to be nearly obsolete, and were quoted a “maybe” 5 week delivery time from the UK.

We were able to buy a new lock cylinder with a “generic” key set, and then disassemble, and rekey the lock cylinder to match and work with our client’s existing keys. When doing this, it is important to have both sets of keys, as wear may have occurred on one key, and if the cylinder is not coded to work with both sets of keys, the client may be locked out of the truck.

At Atlantic Motorcar, we’re all about providing our customers not only Great Service but also Value. We understand that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” (my mom would be proud I remembered that.), in other words, preventing, or catching problems like these brake lines early, can save you more than just money.

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