Case Studies

Mini Cooper – Power Steering Rack Failure – Damaged By Incorrect Fluid

Here’s a sad Mini Cooper, well loved but with a big problem. A previous servicing shop had recently replaced the power steering pump, and apparently used the incorrect, read wrong, fluid in the steering system. The car came to us with very swollen and distended power steering rack boots, the rubber protective boots used to seal the end of the steering rack.

Seems the fluid used was incompatible with the Mini steering system, and softened up the rubber seals, allowing fluid to leak out in the rubber boots, which were also damaged by the fluid. Note the fluid leaking from the end of the rack, there should be absolutely no fluid in that area.

Safety issue, yes. Easy to correct, unfortunately no, the lower engine subframe of the Mini Cooper needs to be removed to properly access the rack, and the only correction is replacement with a new power steering rack assembly, and a very comprehensive complete fluid flush of the system to remove the bad fluid…before the correct fluid is installed.

We’re sure that the installing shop intended well, but they did not check, or perhaps discarded Mini’s fluid requirements. Being a specialist, we know right away, and have in stock, the correct fluid for your Mini Cooper.

Atlantic Motorcar loves Minis, and we service more Minis than any other service facility in Maine. So do yourself, your wallet, and your Mini a favor, and call us for your next Mini service. Saving The World, One Mini At A Time….

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