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Saab Story – Saab 9-3 – Engine Oil Leak, Just In Time

Leaking Sensor
Leaking Sensor

What Happens
On the Saab 9-3 and 9-5 vehicles, a common item to leak oil is the engine oil pressure sensor. Located behind the engine starter motor, we’ve seen this leak time and time again. Often misdiagnosed as a defective crankcase breather box (which do leak as well), the sensor requires removal of the starter motor to access for service.

Struck Oil?
See the oil in the photos? Aside from the engine oil leak making a mess in your garage or parking space, and possible engine damage from low oil level, that oil has a nasty habit of finding it’s way to your engine’s catalytic convertor. Oil on a very hot item like a convertor at speed, aside from smoking and smelling bad, presents a very real fire hazard, not good. In addition, that oil finds its way into the engine starter, leading to premature and expensive starter failure. So yes, correction ASAP is important, very important.

How We Can Help
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