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Porsche Cayenne – Leaking Coolant Tubes Damage Starter Motor – Update Kit

Porsche water tube update kit
Porsche water tube update kit

If only we had been the ones servicing this car earlier, might have saved this customer some heartache and expense.

Chasing a mystery coolant leak? If your 2003-2006 Cayenne is losing coolant, odds are you can trace it to the original plastic coolant pipes located beneath the intake manifold. Porsche Cayenne V8 models from 2003-2007 came from the factory with plastic coolant tubes located beneath the intake manifold that are notorious for leaking. The problem is widespread, and we’ll show you the fix. On the earlier Porsche Cayennes, when the coolant tubes on these engine leak, they slowly fill up the engine valley with coolant, and subsequently damaging the starter motor, and potentially the engine flywheel.

You can see from the worn drive teeth from the photos, left without correction, the starter stays engaged, and causes very expensive damage to the engine flywheel. Fortunately, in this case, it appears we caught it before the flywheel sustained damage.

If you have an early Cayenne, and have not yet had the coolant tube update, or if you have had the update, and are adding coolant on a regular basis, suspect leaking coolant tubes, and have your vehicle serviced at the soonest opportunity. The Atlantic Motorcar Center is uniquely trained and qualified to handle this update in Maine, and most services are handled the same day.

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