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Tech Tip – Volvo Fuel Filter Changes, Prevent Problems and Save Money

Tech Tip – Volvo Fuel Filter Changes, Prevent Problems

See the photo? That’s a electric fuel pump, you don’t want to have to buy one, read on for a a quick way to save yourself some real money, and headache!

Volvo has a 105K or 120K mile schedule for replacement of the engine fuel filter. Lately we’ve been seeing an increasing number of the electric fuel pumps failing. We feel that this problem is brought about by extended intervals between fuel filter replacement. In the past, fuel filters were often changed at 30k or 60K mile intervals…and we rarely had pump failures. A clogged or dirty filter makes the pump work harder, resulting in premature wear, and soon, failure.

The cost to replace the fuel filter, usually under $100, is dwarfed by the replacement cost of the electric fuel pump, in some cases over $1,300. We strongly advise changing the fuel filter in your 2001-2007 Volvo on a 60K interval.

Part of professional auto service to not just replacing parts, but determining why they failed in the first place. Armed with this knowledge, we can make recommendations to save you both time, and money. That’s the Atlantic Motorcar Center way, preventing problems before they occur, everyday.

Questions, or if we can help you with your auto, just call us at (207) 882-9969, we’re here to help!

– Bruce and the AMC Service Team

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