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Why “Cheap Service” Is Just Too Expensive – Volvo Engine

This poor Volvo XC70 presented with an engine oil pressure light on.
One quick look at the engine oil pan provided what we in the business call a “clue”. A huge amount of RTV sealant oozing out of the oil pan to engine block area. The car had recently been at another repair facility…
Once our Senior Service Technician Ryan removed the oil pan, it was quite clear what had happened…and it wasn’t pretty.
1) The previous servicing shop had resealed the engine oil pan with the incorrect sealant.
2) Had used an excessive amount of sealant, to the point where it oozing inside and outside the engine oil pan.
3) Excess sealant had entered the engine oil pickup, and was subsequently sucked into the engine lubrication system, restricting oil flow to critical engine parts.
4) Sealant used appears to be something you’d buy at Home Depot to caulk your windows, not properly repair your Volvo…really, not kidding here.Holy clogs Batman, this is a mess. Also the three O-Ring seals, Volvo uses for the engine oil pickup to oil pump interface, were not replaced, and if you look carefully, you see one is actually folded over.Cost of the seals, perhaps $7, cost of the correct sealant, about $25, cost to replace the engine, close to $6,000.We’re hoping to be able to salvage the engine for the customer, but needless to say, this was a good “teaching moment” on the true cost of a “cheap repair”.Professional automotive service isn’t “cheap”, it’s priceless.

Having someone who cares about your car as much as you do, also priceless.
For fair priced, proper service, with a 2 Year Nationwide Warranty, just call us, we’re here to help (207) 882-9969.

– Bruce and the AMC Team

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