Volvo’s have earned their reputation as one of the smoothest and most reliable luxury European brands on the roads of America today. Manufactured in Sweden, Volvo’s are crafted with safety and longevity in mind. But even the best European ride will need some help from a mechanic to make sure it can continue to run in the best possible condition. Volvo drivers might have some confusion and difficulty deciding when they would need to take their ride in for services and repair, and what mechanic they can put their trust in.

Taking it into your dealership can be costly, and the average auto shop might not have the experience needed to care for your Swedish manufactured vehicle. Thankfully, at Atlantic Motorcar Center, we have trained and certified mechanics here to get you the Volvo service you need right here in Wiscasset, ME, so you can take on the roads with confidence and ease! See the Volvo specialists at Atlantic Motorcar Center today, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Volvo Service Wiscasset ME

Knowing what year your Volvo was manufactured is vital in determining how frequently it should be taken in for service and maintenance. If your Volvo was made before the year 2013, you will need to bring it in for routine service once a year, or every 7,500 miles, whichever comes first. If your Volvo was crafted after the year 2013, you need to only take it in for routine service every 10,000 miles. Regardless of the year, your Volvo was crafted, the team of specialists here at Atlantic Motorcar Center are here to get you the best Volvo service in Wiscasset, ME! When you bring your Volvo in to see our expert mechanics, we’ll be sure to perform a full inspection and diagnostic in order to get you the best service possible, so your ride can last the long haul!

Volvo Repair Wiscasset ME

With Volvo’s being such specialty European vehicles, it can be hard to find an auto shop with a team of mechanics you can trust. That’s why at Atlantic Motorcar Center, we have only the best expertly trained and certified mechanics and technicians here to get you the repairs and replacement parts your Volvo needs right here in Wiscasset, ME. Come see us today, and let us show you why we’re the best!

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For your appointment for top-notch Volvo service and repair in Wiscasset, ME, call or swing by Atlantic Motorcar Center today!

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